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A Brief Timeline

About Me

1995: My Father, Tony Potts, handed down to me a film camera and with it a passion for image making. A photographer himself, we had spent countless hours together in the dark rooms watching his images come to life. I can remember the smell of the developing solution, still feel the anticipation in the air while we waited to see what he had captured behind the lens. It left an impression on me from the very beginning.

Aside from my Fathers legacy, this artistic nature ran deep. On a visit to my maternal Grandmothers home in the Gold Coast I stumbled across boxes upon boxes of old film slides. Her husband, my Grandfather had been a pilot in the 1950’s for Qantas Airlines. He had also traveled with camera in hand, setting up a timer on a tripod before rushing into the frame. These memories of his are now iconic photos of a changing landscape all across the globe.

I’ve been inspired by those before me to put value in my own artistic endeavors, continuing to pursue image making as a daily practice. Whether it is collaborating with other photographers with my Photo Retouching Business or my personal photography. Capturing moments in time will forever be an important practice for me.

A brief Timeline

About Me

2020: After over a decade in New York City, I moved to the beautiful Catskill Mountains with my wife and daughter. I spend my days scouting photoshoots, looking for inspiration and making travel plans for the future.

Thank you for being here and sharing in my vision, the way that I see the world. I hope it inspires you as it has me.

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